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tv   News  Al Jazeera America  December 5, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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. >> who carried out the attacks this morning have been killed or they have run away. let's take a look inside the hospital, and you can see the injuries people who are being treated. mainly by doctors without boarders. now we have seen people here who have gunshot injuries, rpg injuries and also ma chetty injuries as well. as you can see.
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>> potentially for the international community, is what to do about the escalating violence. we know that the united nations security down is voting to boost possibly african -- on the ground as well, as the moment, it's very limited about what these portions can do. and there's no one here protecting civilians. >> also live for us at the united nations in new york, so james, they pass add resolution, how quickly can those extra troops get there. >> well, i think that's one of the big questions. this was a resolution that was passed unanimously, lauren, but it was a compromise resolution. i think that's why it was unanimous. we have 3,500 african peace keepers. 1,200 french. we believe most of the
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french over there by the end of the year. but i think what is worth bearing in mind, the u.n. secretary general when he was asked to come up with options, one of his optioning was to send a full blue elemented force, and he said that if the conditions were dangerous on the ground and it is clear from the report, it is extremely dangerous right now, he'd need 9,000 troops on the ground. now that's double what they have agreed to do with today's resolution, appoint, i put the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. have you enough troops for the job. >> we are in this resolution, walking and chews gum at the same time. we are both strengthening the mandate and working through the funding -- on the ground. but they are not yet up to full speed. we need to address that immediately, we are going
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to need to increase that by mid december. >> they have asked the secretary to continue planning. they say possibly that could be deployed in the future, lauren. the similar chaos that was? at the moment. >> reporting from -- it's much worse around the rest of the country. and what we unction for the moment is there really are no french soldiers around the rest of the country. very few have been out on patrol there, and the african peace keepers for now are mainly confined. so, yes, we are seeing appalling scenes coming from the capitol. and we are hearing that potentially it is much worse in the rest of the country where there are very few peace keepers if
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any, and very few reporters. in some parts of the car. >> at least 25 people have been killed. the attack is said to -- it happened as ministry employees were arriving for work. security forces said they have now taken back control of the compound. >> scenes of chaos and confusion at the heart of the capitol. attackers swarmed the minister of defense, the well guarded building, there are check points at most of the roads that lead to this area. they charmed the gate, and then it was split into two groups one went to the military hospital, the other went to the ministry of defense building. there were sounds of explosions. this is what happened.
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they managed to get where some of the biggest on the ground. president is seen here meeting with top military commanders. and his government is accused of failing to restorieses ability to a country beset by violence and poverty. there's been no claim of responsibility. launched many attacks killing scores of
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soldiers. the u.s. has intensified drone operations in yemen. killing many al quaida commanders with tough group remains active in the south, where it enjoys tribal protection. there's been a large explosion. opposite national oil company headquarters. the company in central nigeria, all attackers opposite the oil company went up in flames. not clear at this stage where there are any casualties. >> gunman have shot dun an american teacher. it happened while the man was out runnin running in e eastern city. the imagine cut chemistry, no one has claimed responsible for the attack. six people are dead and several others wounded. was attacked on wednesday, suicide bombers and armed fighters attacked the
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compound. the gun battle with police, no group has said that it carried out the attack. >> now there are more syrians living in the jordanian province than jordanians. the influx is worrying resident that is say the refugee crieses is maiming them poorer and frustrated.
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>> the government says this is causing infrastructure to crumble, and that's significant funds are required to meet additional demand for services like water, sanitation, and electricity. >> the u.n. refugee agency and its partners are trying to mitigate the impact of the refugee crisis by funding clean up campaigns to improve sanitation here. an old bakery has been renovated with new equipment, to triple bread production and kate tore a larger population. they appreciate the help, but say jordanians need
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more support. >> all of these aid agencies handing out things to syrians should also help poor jordanian daneians. with 160 on going projects and host communities across jordan, the u.n. refugee says even more projects will come. >> the object i for 2014 is part of the regional response plan that is going to be several billion dollars is that the international community provides much more support to the host community. >> replacing run down paragraph due to a growing population of syrian and attempts to mitigate the frustration of jordanians could only mean one thing. hundreds of thousands of syrians here aren't returning to their country any time soon. stimahead this news hour, a call from stability from thailand's king on his 86th birthday. and in claims that the u.s. government gathers almost 5 billion records a day, on mobile
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applications. and in sport, england missed out, and australia hit out on day one of the second test. we will have the latest. john kerry's -- kerry stressed that israel's security is at the top of the u.s. agenda, in nuclear talks with iran. i believe beare making some progress. they are meeting regularly, and they have also remained -- we have remained in very close touch with both leaders as we proceed down this road. once again, israel's security is fundamental to these negotiations been john perry has also
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met the palestinian president. peats talks with israel were difficult and complicated. he says john kerry didn't have much to say after his meeting with the palestinian president. >> he gave breathe remarks, rather somber, i thought mr. abass, he thanks him for staying with the process, despite the difficulties that he said that in a broad raging discussion, he had touched on some of the security concerns that he discussed earlier in the day with the israelis he said he was trying to balance the palestinians desire for sovereignty in their eventual palestinian state, with israel's security concerns. that he said that he he hoped he would continue those discussions and there was a forum of
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israeli personalnities in washington this weekend 378 some of those may don't those discussions and he said he could come back himself in a week or so. >> china has told the u.s. vice president that it's new air defense zone in the east china sea is within international law. they are in talks before heading to south korea. washington refusing to recognize the zone. china wants pilots to tell them their flight plans. which cover as chain of disputed islands. >> tie hand's king has urged the nation to work together for stability, in a speech delivered on hiss 86th birthday. it is likely to be a temporary reprieve. >> this was a day to fill the streets and at least try to put politics aside. tens of thousands of ties came out to see they beloved king.
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>> i am happy to be here celebrating his birthday, i wish he could be with us forever. >> concern grows about the health of the 86-year-old who is recorded as the father of the nation. he made a brief address and spoke of the need to insure stability. >> it's said that the king is about politics, but in thailand it is never far away. the scenes of celebration were in stark contrast for the violence on the streets last week. protestors are calming for the government to go. a truce is negotiated as a mark of respect to the
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king. >> we have to believe in him. we should listen to him about the conflict. my feeling is he is telling us to stop fighting. >> the protest movement hasn't given up, at its head carders people turn their attention to the birth day, but they also took time to rest before theyry group and continue their push to remove the governments. >> the prime minister want military leaders and others gathers before the celebration started possibly providing an opportunity to discuss the situation. but for now, nothing has changed. neither side is backing down. >> the king's birthday provides thailand with a day of unity. but when it ends the divisions haven't gone away. al jazeera, ban cook. >> russian and german foreign ministers have arrived in the ukrainian capitol for a security meeting. thousands are angry that the president rejected a trade deal just over two
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weeks ago. on the visit to china decided to remain tied to russia. barn biphillips has more. >> key ya city hall, under occupation, for five days now. she says that the occupation of the building must end. as she leaves they chant shame, and revolution. but it is less and less clear where it goes from here. on the other side, foreign diplomates and ministers arrive for meeting on the security in europe. there are subdued protests outside. but the crisis is on everyone's mind, and the differences of opinion between the americans and some of the europeans on the one hand, and the russians on the other.
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the foreign minister -. >> we europeans are looking to ukraine, we are in no way indifferent to the fate, and to the reaction to proeuropean protests. >> but his russian counter part denied that his country was interfering in ukrainian affairs. >> i'm very surprised by speeches that we heard this morning, they weren't suitable for the agenda, it is like finger point canning is not acceptable for the osce, and which in contract with the principles of the organization. >> on the edge of independent scare, down time to the protestors but the stalemate can't last forever. the government warns that it is not playing games. it will run out of patience. >> al jazeera, key ya. >> breaking news for you, we are getting reports from yemen security committee, which says that 52 doctors and nurses some of them
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german were killed in the attack on the defense ministry we were reporting earlier, which involved a suicide bomber. still a confused picture. that 52 doctors and nurses including some germans have been killed in that attack. the washington post says the u.s. national security agency is directing billions of records of mobile phone locations every day. how a mobile phone can be turned into a tracking device. >> wherever you are in the world, as soon as you switch on your mobile phone, it tries to connect to the mobile network. usually through the closest tower. as soon as it does, your phone number is logged with the network, along with which tower you have connected to. which means your location.
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>> if you are on the move, anyone with tract your rout. by gathering and processing 5 billion records each day, to see which individuals are traveling or meeting together. here is how it works. >> you may be connected to a tower, along with 100 other people. you move down the street, and automatically connects to the next closest tower. say 20 of the 100 are moving in the same direction you move further down the road, and say just five of the original 100 people, join you. a couple more towers and some time later just one person who is mirrored your movements. the assumption, you have some reason for being together. >> it raise as lot of
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question. it could be a family member, or maybe just swan that works next to you, and you have the same commuting pattern each day. >> the activities are lawful, and only used to identify potential suspects. but privacy advocates say the gathering of so many mobile locations records moist of which are from people not suspected of wrongdoing could be open to abuse. has there been much reaction? >> pretty short on outrage, and that can be because they are fearing these every week. just do give you a sense of what i mean, the speaker of the house just had a press conference. he wasn't even asked about it, we will find out if anybody asks about it within the hour. usually the an mid vagues says when it comes to any sort of spying that is done overseas well that's
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just how government works. they aeverybody does it, but that the u.s. has better capabilities so they are better at it. >> thank you very much indeed for that update. now let's return to our top story. the french president is been talking let's speak to our correspondent who is in paris, and been monitoring what he is saying, jackie? >> yes, the president has confirmed what many were really waiting for, and that is the news that france is going to increase the number of french troops deployed in the capitol. he appeared at the end of a meeting of his defense council, that's really the war council, if you like, of key senior ministers as well as military leaders. he announced that this very easy within hours we would start to see the number of french patrols double at the moment 250 troops are on the streets.
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within hours, within days we would see that number come up to 500. now, just to give you an idea already currently, stationed mostly at the airport, there are 650 french troops. there is 350 over the boarder, ready to move forward. president allan said that essentially, he would acting in order to save lives as he put it. and clearly, we have heard from our reports on the ground, in the central african republic, just how urgent that need is. and the president also stressed that he was working in close coordination with african troops. how much support does he have the another deployment to french troops in a different african country? another deployment indeed, and he did make
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reference to that in his brief speech to the nation. he made the point that it was just under a year ago, that france sent troops to mali, now that operation was widely regarding as a success, it was an operation that was mandated unanimously by the international community. and that is what we are seeing again now in the case of the central african republic. we saw those images of the united nations vote, and overwhelming unanimous mandate to go into support african troops in order to reassure the population to secure the airports, with the objective of generally improving the security situation. certainly within france, there's always a concern. but france is the only country that had the kind of military resources in africa to do that. all right, thank you very much indeed. announcing immediate french military action in central african.
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thank you. >> mention scan police have found a truck of radioactivity. anyone who opened the container of medical grade material may have been exposed to he that will levels of radiation and could die within days. >>somes and police quarter off the area where the stolen material was found. 150 families from this town have been evacuated. we don't know how far this can go, it is worries because it can till you. >> it was encased but someone opened the container, whoever it was was exposed to a he that will dose of radiation. officials say it was the
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thieves, but one emergency worker said other people might have been exposed. >> people they said they found it and decided to bring it home. and opened it. >> this is the gas station where gunman stole the truck. it had no security escort. the driver was sleeping when two men pulled him out of the truck, and left him in a nearby lot. officials say they don't think the thieves knew what they were stealing. this is the largest amount of radio active material ever stolen in mexico. this one was only recovered once it was out
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in the open. police have been searching for the stolen vehicle, using radio active detectors to try to find it. the head of mexico's nuclear safety commission tells us that now authorities are considering providing security to export such vehicles in the future. am al jazeera, mexico still. >> more still to come, including attempting gate way to europe by illegal migrants. a little less of the glitz and glamour of hollywood. is in sport, why the fist nba game in 16 years has been postponed.
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(vo) al jazeera america we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. (vo) we pursue that story beyond the headline, past the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capitol. (vo) we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. (vo) and follow it no matter where it leads, all the way to you. al jazeera america. take a new look at news.
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>> start with one issue ad guests on all sides of the debate. and a host willing to ask the tough questions and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5pm et / 2pm pt only on al jazeera america
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>> this isn't a new channel, this is a watershed moment in media for america. >> this entire region is utterly devastated. >> people our here are struggling. >> the fire jumped the highway we took earlier. >> your average viewer want's to actually understand how the health care law is going to help them or hurt them. >> they know they can get extremist bickering somewhere else. >> people say that we're revolutionary. our revolution is just going back to doing the best in journalism. >> this is the place to go watch high quality journalism, period. there are reports that at least 105 people have been killed in the fighting. in a few moments ago, the french president said his country was committed to helping people in the c.
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a.r. >> in a country that is calling for our help. >> react immediately. starting tonight with the african forces and the support of our european partners. >> 52 people have been killed in yemen in an attack on the defense ministry complex. thailand's king called for stability in the nation. following weeks of violence and street battles. britain's finance minister says the u.k.'s economy is growing faster than any other major economy in the world. george osborne prediction for this year has been doubled to one point fow%. but he said he is sticking to his strategy, and confirmed the state pension age can eventually rise to 69.
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we have done so in the face of a sovereign crisis aboard, and at home, in the face of opposition from those who got britain into this mess in the first place. and have resisted every cut, every effort to get us out of that mess. >> is there any reason to celebrate britain's growing economy if things don't apeek tor getting better? lawrence lee records. this high quality clothing manufacturer, things are running smoothly, they design make and sell women's fashion here to the rich in britain and far beyond.
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this has been made by gina and jane. we still hardly get in 2007-8, and we have grown throughout the recession. and each of those years i think we grew 7%, and this year that is doubled. down the road is the city of darby, not doing too badly, there are a lot of manufacturing outlets. unemployment is about average. confidence is supposed to be coming back, but a lot of people don't seem to be overloaded with shopping. the message from the government to the people here is that things aren't perfect, but they are certainly getting better, and ministers insist it will grow by well over 2%, which they say is as high as any other country in the developed world. well, fair enough, but the message you get from the streets all the time is really very different.
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why people say if things are getting better, do i still feel poorer? the fashion students are told to aim high and think like interpret neuros. >> no. >> is it tough out there? >> it is, definitely, yeah. very tough. there's a lot of competition as well. >> what's so hard about it do you think? is it people not want to -- >> i think people just don't want to spend money. >> the figures show the rich are getting richer all the time, but it seems the wealth isn't being passed on and it appears britain isn't alone [one thing we are seeing is that middle paying jobs have been drying up in the u.k. and in other places around the world, and the worry is that if that doesn't stop, we may see gdp come back, but people in the
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middle and below aren't sharing in the growth. >> people see benefits as a result. the question here, is why people should celebrate growth if there's so little reward in it for them. lawrence lee, al jazeera. darby. >> swiss scientist whose confirmed yasir arafat died from poisoning, the french report which was made not public, concluded that it was as a result of naturally occurring ray done gas in his tomb. the swiss team said the research was thorough, but did not explain the presence of radon. >>ingly was happy to see the result of french. that means they also found elevated values odd polonium. but the difference is regarding the explanation
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of this high levels. and for us, radon can be ruled out, because actually we did measure radon in the tome before opening it, and the values that we found was about the same as what we could find in any kind of tomb. it was actually a bit lower that we could expect in normal soil. they want $15 ask hour, that's more than minimum wage. this is her story. >> and the definition of the working poor as they say. >> i received food stamp benefits. i receive subsidized care, subsidized houghing. >> they look to me, they don't have no one else to
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look to. for the past three weeks i have been working nights because christmastime is coming up. as of right now, i am focusing on taking care of them, making them happy, and make sure they get the emication, so they don't have to work a fast food restaurant so how much support are they getting there? >> really hard to tell at this point in the day. we understand there were 100 or so worker whose turns out at a mcdonalds restaurant in new york today. detroit similar numbers, what we are hearing from other places around the country, and nashville tennessee just 20, atlanta, about 40 workers so we will have to wait and see how the day developed to see if there's a launch support. a little bit of a problem here. it is freezing in terms of temperature and that
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may put a him on the turn out for the protests here. which is in the form of a march, it isn't a strike, or a protest, but a march. 14-miles from south of the city all the way into downtown. ben, they are calling for $15 minimum wage for fast food workers that seems to be a bill of a ratleying cry. planned for about 100 cities throughout the country. >> thank you for that update. >> everybody year, thousands of people risk their lives in hope of finding a better life in europe. hundreds have died this year alone, and a growing number are trying to gain entry by the spanish enclave in north africa.
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>> the soonest the gates open, a rush of people flood back and forth between malyia and morocco. this tiny spanish enclove has long been an important trading post. just a few meters separate the rest of africa, from this gate way to europe. many others will do whatever they can to get here. >> on this side of the fence, you're on spanish soil, over there, and that's morocco, but it is beyond the mediterranean sea to europe. where many people entering malyia illegally want to get to. >> that snakes its way around. not long ago, a man who tried to climb it died. the spanish authorities have decided to reenforce part of the fence with razor wire. those that do get through often find themselveses in limbo, living in the detention center, facing
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deportation. >> one family told us they traveled from the syrian city, abraham scaled the fence, hoping to find a better life. here we have the hope of getting through. we know that every couple of weeks there are people that get to mall question, and now if we go there, we arrive, we can work a little bit, even if we don't earn very much, we earn a little bit to support ourselves. >> the move to fortify has been criticized by some rights groups. >> we don't agree with the razor fences. it is going to make their situation more desperate. it isn't going to stop people coming in, because they are looking for a more dignified life. >> the location means that malyia has always been a gate way.
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they are simply unable to go with the illegal migrants. >> the european union needs to get more involved. in this moment, and in my opinion, i think they should do more. for many year, the long journey to reach europe will only end in disappointment with the gulf. never feeling wider. two people have been killed in britain, and tens of thousands are without power, after a storm bringing winds of more than 200 an hour. east coast of england has been batly battled by the storm. after their homes to safety. >> and germany is al and stores have been closed. the north sea island.
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the latest there. >> what we can tell you is that the surge certainly seems to be in effect here. justing about an hour ago the sea is up to the level that you can see behind me. now, it goes all the way to these buildings about a meter high in the past hour. the entire portion of this town has been cut off, with the environmental agency workers trying to see if they can get as much of the water that is seeping away from underneath the barrier diverted away. now this barrier, although it is holding the water so far it has -- it was built in the late 70's, butt in place after the other great flooding here. now they are all worried whether it will contain that surge. of course, the peek of that surge is expected to occur in around two hours time. that's when they say that the floods can really
1:43 pm
come up significantly higher here. schools have been converted into centers where people can go and spend the night, and also we have heard reports of other rivers which have burst their banks along the north eastern part of the country. so were that to happen, i expect in the next 12 hours. >> okay, thank you very much indeed. for monitoring the severe weather in eastern england. >> still ahead. >> trickiest tongue twister known to man. sport is coming up including why this downhill champion is facing a uphill battle to
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stay on the slopes.
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what they do have plenty of films and a passionate audience. >> this is a very cuban film festival. it's own industry has been the victim it is somehow kept producing great movies while promoting and showing
1:46 pm
solidarity with the industry and the rest of latin america. successful directors. >> this festival the thirty-fifth is not like the early ones it is growing. the film from latin america, but the cinema are expecting to see the best movies from europe and north america too. >> or they choose to badly maintained cinemas. but it is a different story when the happen have film festival comes around. >> this pass port gets you in to see 20 films, we have great expectations in cuba when december comes around. but people are very excited especially in havana. >> it's a party where we don't just see latin american films, which is
1:47 pm
why this has grown to more than just a festival. >> 450 films and 35 countries. short documentary and animations cinemas across savannah. lit be a cuban emigration of the arts that will bring the city to a near stand still. >> cuban cinema has survived sometimes even thrived through very difficult times. for the past 35 years this festival has been a contact source of passion and inspiration. this is about more than just showing great films. it has become a demonstration of survival and creativity. does that reputation
1:48 pm
match the reality. we report. he leaves his comfortable home. and eats putar technology enterprise zone, where tax rates are low and creativity is high. >> they left sill can valley for this city famous for its steel. >> . >> there's reasons to stay. >> it is the pittsburgh miracle. it became year in the 80's, market portions working to replace the steel industry, through regulation and a partnership between government, industry, and universities the city clawed back. >> i cannot recall
1:49 pm
pittsburgh saying they want to be like somebody else. >> the history is always busiest loyal to their hometown, helped them become a leadner healthcare. >> to celebrate it, they are going to indicate the success, so much as a last of failure, pittsburgh rates 50 second out of the u.s.' 100 largest cities. based on job growth, unemployment, y.d.p. and home prices. >> such a huge disparities of wealth, that plague modern america. the try reveals failure. emotional leaders he says only a national plan to get jobs and equitable
1:50 pm
growth will do. >> 2500 homeless children in this area. you have an infant mortality right among the african-american population at 21 per 1,000 live births can is higher than the rate in china. or mexico. i mean if this is the best we can do, in the economist magazine says this is the most livable city in america, then what does that say about the rest of the country? >> in post recession america, it is enough to not be doing as badly as other cities. am al jazeera. the trickiest tongue twister known to man. -- she explains. >> peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers peter piper -- >> just when you thought you had mastered it,
1:51 pm
peter piper has been replaced. >> easy. >> so this is the world's most difficult tongue twister. have a go. >> very good. now do it ten times quickly. >> pad kid poor curb cold -- [laughter] >> pad kid. >> researchers say our response to tongue twisters shed light on the brains speech planning processes. pretty poor in my case, apparently. >> but i am comforted that other nationalities like the japanese have tricky tongue twisters of their own. >> again.
1:52 pm
>> they will not be ready until mid april. eight of the 12 stadiums will not be ready for the december 31st target date. >> the stadium will be ready in mid april. 14-15, so april of next year. we believe that it is -- it's again question of trust that it will be done. for the time being, there is no plan b. >> certainly now and 2007 italian winner has been banned from the sport for life, following a third doping offense. 37-year-old italian tested positive for the blood boost err epo in a surprise 10 in april, five days before this year's injury row.
1:53 pm
he already serve add 15 month ban for positive dope test during the 2009 race. they have just about had the better of day one, the tourist may live to regret some mischances late in the day. opener chris rogers top scored for the home side with 72, as he and shane watson shared a century stand. inland fought back with three wickets just before and it could have been even better for them in the time session, they don't drop three catches australia finishes up on 273 for 5. although there was a half century for george, and only his second match, captain michael lark was unbeaten at the close after some ill tempers exchanged in the first half of the play. no less competitive this time. still hate his puts. [laughter] >> i told him i would rip
1:54 pm
his clothes off, but i don't think. [laughter] >> there's always going to be some between certain protagonists on the field. a lot has been said, but i don't think that either side is upset about it. and no, it was pretty good. i didn't really see -- anything like that. so -- you know, it is still very competitive between the two sides. but you know you expect that. >> three former new zealand player as being investigated by the cricket council over allegations of corruption. chris cam's lou vincent and darrel tough film festival have been identified as the men at the center of the scandal. the matches involved having been made public, but aren't recent. previously sued former indiana premier chairman, over containerrizations
1:55 pm
of match fixing. the black cats posted 609. the windies forced to fall along in their reply, but still trail by 228 runs. brazilian side had come from behind. in the first leg of the final, the argentinian is open the scoring just after half time in south hallow. also with the free kick, in the 79th minute, americana is the second tier club competition. she hasn't competed since suffering a knee injury
1:56 pm
in february. the american held her first world cup training run of the season, at lake louise on wednesday, but is yet to decide whether she will enter friday's race. no, i am just trying to make sure thicks are good with my knee, and build confidence every day, and right now i am just focused on this moment, and it is quite aways away, just trying to stay focused and focus on my knee, and get the confidence back. >> which should have been the first n bill clintona game to be played in mexico in 16 years ended before it could begin. the spurs and minnesota timberwolves were due to play at the mexico city arena. the arena was evacuated 45 minutes before tip off. the generator malfunctioned sent smoke pouring into the building. the game will be made up in minnesota at a later date. that's all your sport for now, now back to lauren in london. >> thank you very much
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indeed. don't forget you can always watch al jazeera online. details there of the u.n. passing a resolution on military action in the central african republic to try to curb a upsurge in violence there, and within the last hour, the french president has said that if the military led operation with the french contingent, would be launched immediately after that authorization for the u.n. security council, he said i have decided to act immediately, in other words, this evening and that means that some of the french troops already present will be deployed but also overs in neighbors countries will be brought in as early as this evening according to the french president. that's it for this news hour, i will be back in just a few moments with. >> okay's news. of course the latest from central african public and the rest of the day's other events, do stay with us if you can, goodbye for now.
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welcome to al jazeera america. more than a million morns can lose their insurance if they don't act soon. >> make sure they get harem case so they don't have to work a boost food restaurant. one mom tells us why. and people flee the central african republic, as violence escalates and the u.n. steps in. >>